Controlled, professional and assured. Our delivery service is trusted by laboratory owners and more across Europe and the UK where the import of 4CEC can help for research and the creation of the best quality products. We get everything that we deliver from reliable sources to ensure that our service is reliable and consistent. 

At Gold Chemicals we’re a leading provider and supplier of 4CEC in Europe and have become an important service for a number of our repeat and regular customers. Everyone that turns to Gold Chemicals in their time of need will be able to choose from our two distinct products: Small crystal or big crystal. 

How your 4CEC investment will depend on your usage

Whether you’re a small business that wants to invest in the best research materials as a tester or you’re a larger operation that needs affordable and professionally delivered 4CEC, we can accommodate to your needs. We have a huge range of options in terms of the amount of small and big crystal we can offer to every customer. From 1g all the way through to 100g, we’re certain that our 4CEC will be perfect for whatever your specific needs are. 

If you’d like to find out how our service works to offer you the best possible products in Europe and the UK, speak to our helpful team today