Setting up your laboratory for the first time is a huge step for any individual or group. It can be full of problems; finding supplies and getting the right equipment to your premises in the beginning and then searching for the right customers. We want to support you on this route by offering you the most cost-effective supplies of chemicals. 

At Gold Chemicals we’ve got everything that you need to start the whole process on the right foot. Our range of 3MMC products are waiting for you to be ordered in any amount that you require. Not only are our products professionally created and assured of quality, they’re able to be delivered to your premises across Europe. 

Delivery to you in the Netherlands, Belgium and France

We’re dedicated to providing our 3MMC products to many countries across Europe who want to begin their journey with us. Whatever country you’re in - no matter how big a quantity - make sure that you read the regulations on our online store. 

At Gold Chemicals you’ll find crystals, small crystals and powder which are available to you in a wide range of quantities with great savings. 

If you’d like to find out more about our 3MMC products and our delivery options, get in contact with us