Understanding the consumer and the market is a crucial attribute to start your logistical laboratory work. You will want to do enough research and planning so that when you roll out your new products, you’ve got something to be proud of that will wow your consumers. That starting position lies with a trusted provider of the best products which can become the platform for your development. 

At Gold Chemicals we’ve become a leading 3MEC supplier across Europe and have the ability to deliver a wide range of quantities to your premises. The reason we’re confident that we’ll become your new favourite suppliers is that our 3MEC products are quality and consistent – ensuring that every order you make with us will hit the mark.

3MEC delivered to your premises, no matter how much you’re looking to purchase

We stagger our prices to give you a better deal if you’re buying more of our merchandise. This allows you to get great savings on our 3MEC big crystals, small crystals and powder. Whichever style is ideal for your needs, we’ll get it sent safely, quickly and securely. 

Prices start at just €17 for our 3MEC making it both extremely affordable, no matter how much you buy from our online store. 

Here at Gold Chemicals we can guide you towards a trusted and professional product. Get in contact with our team to discover more