If you are a budding business entrepreneur in the UK or Europe with a laboratory, it is only natural that you are on the search for a service you can trust. That, however, only starts when you put your faith in a company such as ours at Gold Chemicals for the first time. Providing a range of products and delivering them to premises across the UK and Europe, we can offer a service like no other. 

We are chosen for the regular delivery of 3MEC in the UK for our vast array of customers. Once you have chosen our website as the destination for your new order, you will have a number of options open to you. Here are three ways we will guide you through your decision: 

  1. What type of 3MEC do you need? To make sure that all needs are catered for at Gold Chemicals, we don’t just offer one product. Our online store has small crystals, large crystals and powder to suit your requirements.
  2. How much would you like to order? Our products are listed to make sure that our 3MEC in the UK is cheaper per gram if you order in bulk. Take a look at the options to decide.
  3. Where should we deliver your products? Set your delivery, check the local country rules and press deliver. We’ll dispatch it as soon as possible. 

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