Your company will follow an organised set of steps. From start to finish you will take the raw products before turning them into the items that you need to send out to your customers. If you are searching for a regular destination where you can secure 3CMC across the UK and Europe, Gold Chemicals is the right place for you. 

On top of our professional chemical products that consistently exceed the expectations of our customers, we are also dedicated to offering fast delivery to a number of countries in Europe. This allows us to be flexible to your specific needs and ensures we can offer you small deliveries and large consignments when you require them. 

What is different about our 3CMC products at Gold Chemicals?

When you browse our online store you will have a number of options available to you. From small or large crystals through to powder styles, we are dedicated to offering you the products that you need, when you need them. To secure your delivery of 3CMC in the UK or to a range of countries in Europe, simply choose how much 3CMC you would like to buy from our online store. You will then receive your delivery from our team at Gold Chemicals and we can assure absolute quality, no matter what products you intend to create.

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